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Son Security offers a range of products & services in the security
and related fields.
Our Services

Supply & Installations, Repairs, Maintenance,

and Upgrades

Gate Motors, CCTV Systems, Cameras, Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, Electric Fencing, Intercom Systems, and Accessories...

Centurion Gate Motors
CCTV Systems and CCTV Camera's

Gate Motors & Automation

Alarm Systems

CCTV Systems & Camera's 


Alarm Systems & Accessories

Electric Fence and Game Fencing

Electric Fence

Son Security Products, Systems and Service

GSM Units and GSM Controller's

GSM Units

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Remotes and Receiver's
Intercoms and Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Remotes & Accessories

Gate Motors & Automation

Centurion Gate Motors, Hansa Gate Motors, DACE Gate Motors, ET Gate Motors
Gate Motors are designed with a specific function in mind, and that is to keep you safe on your property while things may be a little different out there. Gate motors ensure your gate operates to full capacity and draws a physical barrier line between you and the unwanted elements...


CCTV Systems & Cameras

CCTV Cameras, IP Cameras, Remote viewing on mobile devices

View what has triggered the Electric Fence, or the Alarm System, from the safety of your home, or while on holiday. Help direct your Armed Response and alert them to possible entry on your site...


Alarm Systems & Accessories

Paradox Alarm Systems, {Wired and Wireless Systems}, Ajax Alarm Systems, DSC Alarm Systems, IDS Alarm Systems, FBI Alarm Systems, Risco Alarm Systems, etc

PIR's, Outdoor Beams, door sensors, window sensors, gate sensors, and a whole lot more.  

Alarm Systems offer a premature warning of potential danger, or lurking danger, by activating a siren, and even your mobile or smart device...


Electric Fences

(Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Game Fences)

Protecting your perimeter is the perfect place to start. Keeping criminal elements off your property, and away from your family and hard-earned assets, coupled with an alarm system, is an effective means of preventing undeserved, unmerited trauma later on...

Electric Fence offers a pre-warning alarm sound and ensures effective control of your perimeter.


GSM Units

(Centurion G-Speak ULTRA, Centurion G-ULTRA,

Switch on/off alarms, pool pumps, lights, Open/close gates, etc)

Convenient controls at the touch of a button. Turn your mobile phone, or smart device into a keypad with access to whatever it is you need, in the palm of your hand... 


Access Control Systems

(Comb Communications, G-Speak, G-ULTRA, etc)

Ensure only the right people have access to you, your property, and your hard-earned assets by controlling access to your property, residential or industrial complex, or site...


Intercom Systems

(Video, Audio, Remote viewing)

Various intercom systems to provide effective access control to your home, business, residential or industrial complex, or to your drive-thru

Remotes & Accessories

(Remotes, batteries, sirens, power supplies, monitors, cables, conduit, rewiring of security products, outdoor sensors, indoor sensors, automatic gates, electric gates, etc.)

All accessories, are available and can be purchased through us.

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