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MK II Plus / Lite
The new Comb intercom with way, way more...IoT
When improvement on a leader in the field is considered, it’s hard to imagine better or more for your needs. Comb has however done just that. Enhancing the standard by which you perceive and manage Access Control and its associated communications.

Introducing the MK II Plus and MK II Lite, the next generation smart intercom that gives you all the control you are accustomed to, and more... and more... and more!

An entirely new foundation in the form of a redesigned, more robust and significantly improved PC board, providing you with control over your environment along with integration on several current and new technologies. What’s more... Sync with our brand new bespoke facilities management platform and unleash it’s full potential. Comb Portal is the powerful web-based application that puts control right at your fingertips and will change the way in which you manage your estate or business park into the future.