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Gate Motors




Centurion Gate Motors

Centurion Gate Motors are proudly South African, and sport some innovative Technology in Gate Motors...

Centurion Sliding Gate Motors:
Centurion D2 Turbo
Centurion D5 Evo
Centurion D5 Smart
Centurion D10 Turbo
Centurion D10
Centurion D10 Smart
Centurion D10 Smart Turbo
Centurion D20 Smart


Centurion Swing Gate Motors:
Centurion R3
Centurion R5
Centurion Vert-X
Centurion Vantage
Centurion Vector

Hansa Gate Motors

Hansa gate motors have been designed and built in South Africa to withstand the harsh African conditions. Hansa Gate Motors offer extreme reliability and durability.

Hansa Sliding Gate Motors:

Hansa Speedo
Hansa Deluxe 1
Hansa Deluxe 2
Hansa Deluxe 220V
Hansa Deluxe 380V
Hansa Matic 12V
Hansa Matic 24V (New)
Hansa Swing Gate Motors:

Hansa Elite 24
Hansa Elite 220
Hansa Elite 2000
Hansa Elite 3000
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